Money Club Monthly Plan – Your Ongoing Financial Journey!


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Embrace the Money Club with our Monthly Plan, offering continuous financial growth at just $29 per month.

What You Receive with the Money Club Monthly Plan:

Join the Money Club with our Monthly Plan, offering exceptional value at just $29 per month for the flexible monthly plan.

What’s Included in the Money Club Monthly Plan:

  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access:¬†Connect with a community of like-minded individuals within our private group.
  • Expert Support for Your Financial Questions (Limited Monthly Queries): Receive assistance and guidance for a set number of your financial inquiries each month, ensuring you’re on the right financial path throughout the year.29
  • Quarterly Live Mastermind Coaching:¬†Participate in live coaching sessions with our expert Margaret Johnson every quarter. Improve your sales, nurture a growth mindset, and enhance your business skills with various insightful topics.
  • Seasonal Updates:¬†Experience the excitement of fresh financial strategies with new content added throughout the year.
  • Mastermind Sessions:¬†Engage in thought-provoking mastermind sessions where you can brainstorm, collaborate, and further develop your financial skills.
  • Community of Like-Minded Individuals:¬†Become a part of an exclusive community of individuals who share your enthusiasm for financial success. Here, you can freely discuss various financial aspects.
  • Unlimited Access to All Webinars:¬†Dive into our extensive library of financial webinars, gaining valuable insights and expertise.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Access a wealth of proven financial resources, including guides, videos, and more.

Please note that this subscription is monthly and will renew automatically each month. You can cancel anytime with a simple click in your settings.

Join today and make the ultimate choice to power your financial journey and secure your financial success within the Money Club!